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Common Phrases & Useful Daily Expressions


Addressing others (with proper titles)
Greetings – greetings, introducing yourself & others
Object Placement – on, below, above, beside, inside…..
Senses – hearing, sight, smell, vision, touch,…
Possessive – phrases using mine, your, his, her, their, its….
Entertainment – at a bar
Entertainment – at a gallery
Entertainment – at a karaoke
Entertainment – at the concert
Entertainment – at the movie
Romance – dating, expressing feeling
Food & Drink – general food and drink items at meals
Shopping – buying, selling, bargaining, services
Money – units of money, money exchange
Family – talk about your family, and family members
Phone calls – phone etiquette,
Travel – at the hotel
Transportation – taking taxi
Renting a vehicle, car truck….
At a coffee shop – ordering, asking
At a restaurant – ordering, asking
At a wedding – congratulating, commenting, talking to attendees
At the market – grocery
At the post office – mail, receive packages
At the place of worship – church, temple
At the work place – coworkers interactions
At the health club, spa & massage
Medical – At the Doctor
Medical – At the Hospital
Doing Business – in a meeting, discussion
Emergency & safety – practical things and phrases when in crisis
Going to school – classroom, interactions with teachers, students
Holidays – celebration, activity, party
New Year – celebration, activity, party
Clothing & fashion –
Religions – asking, discussing, exchanging
Food menu – various of cuisine, dishes
With the police – encounters, reporting…
Misunderstanding – clarification, asking for clarification
Occupation – talk about different types of job
Occupation – applying for a job, job application
Weather –
Continents & countries – discussing world places
Cooking & kitchen – objects in the kitchen, techniques
Emotions – communication of different types of emotions
Hair salon, manicurist & barber – practical situations
Health – at the dentist
Health – at the optometrist
Health – at the pharmacy
Music – instruments, performance, show, skill
Nature & outdoor camping
Plants & gardening
Politics – general discussion
Providing help, helping others
At the beach, ocean
Dealing with sizes (object sizes)
Sounds – discussing different types, to the ear, audio
Technology – computer related, web, advanced machinery
Tools – hardware, repairs, services
At the funeral – proper topic matters
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