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    Medical News & Health Related Articles

    (Advanced Level Reading)

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1. Tea made from coffee leaves found to beneficial for health.
2. Level of excess drinking of alcohol ‘is underestimated’
3. Aspirin Use Tied to Rare Eye Disorder
4. British mum Kim Hefer gives birth to two sets of twin boys on the same date
5. Forgetfulness is a tool of the brain.
6. Spotting weak eggs before they crack
7. Tobacco health warnings around the world
8. “Spray- On Skin” Helps Heal Leg Ulcers
9. What happens in the emergency room?
10. Hope for more effective TB treatment
11. TV habits ‘can predict kids’ waist size and fitness’
12. Seaweed toothpaste ‘to stop tooth decay’
13. Health briefs
14. Salt content warning over children’s meals
15. Windows To The Mind
16. People ‘taking more food risks’
17. C-PAP Could Help Heart Patients
18. CT scans on children ‘could triple brain cancer risk’
19. Unicef: Tackling diarrhea and pneumonia saves 2 million lives
20. Calcium pills pose ‘heart risk’
21. Diet is safe for pregnant women
22. ‘One in six cancers worldwide are caused by infection’
23. Researchers Map Brain Regions Linked to Intelligence
24. Being bilingual ‘boosts brain power’
25. Low-fat yoghurt ‘child asthma risk’ during pregnancy
26. US obesity ‘higher than thought’
27. Walking could be a useful tool in treating depression
28. 6 Eye Symptoms You Should Never Ignore
29. Eye Test To Beat Heart Disease
30. Patients ‘more likely to die’ if admitted at weekends
31. Skin transformed into brain cells
32. Kidney cancers: Major rise ‘linked to obesity’
33. Water “helps you lose weight”
01a Heartburn: Foods to eat
01b: Heartburn trigger: Too much food
01c: Heartburn trigger: Eating on the go
01d: Heartburn trigger: fatty foods
01e: Heartburn tip: Cut back on fat
01f: Heartburn trigger: Acidic foods
01g: Heartburn tip: Limit acidic foods
01h: Drinks that may trigger heartburn
01i: Heartburn tip: Try other drinks
01k: Heartburn trigger: Chocolate
01l: Heartburn trigger: Spicy foods
01m: Heartburn tip: Hold the heat
01n: Heartburn tip: Write it down
01o: Heartburn tip: Try chewing gum
01p: More heartburn tips
02a: Parenting Multiples
02b: Changes Accompanying the Birth of Multiples
02c: Help From Others
02d: Multiple Baby Basics
02e: Parenting Issues With Multiples
02f: Maintaining Your Relationship
02g: Special Multiples Behavior
03a: Cosmetic Surgery
03b: Nose job: Before and After
03c: Eyelid surgery: Before and After
03d: Facelift: Before and After
03e: Laser skin resurfacing: Before and After
03f: Hair transplant: Before and After
03g: Arm lift: Before and After
03h: Liposuction: Before and After
03i: Tummy tuck: Before and After
03k: Breast implants: Before and After
03l: Breast reduction: Before and After
03m: Choosing a surgeon
04a: Constipation
04b: What Are the Symptoms?
04c: Why Do Kids Get Constipated?
04d: How Is It Treated?
04e: What Can I Do to Help Myself?
05a: Transgender People
05b: Transgender Terms
05c: Gender Identity vs. Sexual Orientation
05d: What Is Cross-Dressing?
05e: What Causes People to Be Transgender?
05f: Helping Transgender Teens
06: Gene Controls Regeneration of Heart Tissue
07: US Supreme Court to Weigh Case Human DNA Patents
08a: Windows To The Mind
08b: Windows To The Mind
09a: Researchers Find Genes Linked to Alzheimer’s
09b: Researchers Find Genes Linked to Alzheimer’s
10: WHO Urges Reduced Salt Intake
11a: One-Third of All Cancer Deaths Are Preventable
11b: One-Third of All Cancer Deaths Are Preventable
12: Greece Sees Rise in HIV Infections
13a: Graphic Photos on Cigarette Packages Prevents Smoking
13b: Graphic Photos on Cigarette Packages Prevents Smoking
13c: Graphic Photos on Cigarette Packages Prevents Smoking
14: Folk Remedies Repel Mosquitoes
15a: Funding New Challenge in Fight against Malaria in Southeast Asia
15b: Funding New Challenge in Fight against Malaria in Southeast Asia
16a: Many Millions Suffer from Depression
16b: Many Millions Suffer from Depression
17a: Epilepsy Burdens Developing Countries
17b: Epilepsy Burdens Developing Countries
17c: Epilepsy Burdens Developing Countries
18a: Scientists Seek HIV Vaccine Using Monkey Model
18b: Scientists Seek HIV Vaccine Using Monkey Model
18c: Scientists Seek HIV Vaccine Using Monkey Model
19a: Scientists Say World’s Oceans Hold Great Medical Promise
19b: Scientists Say World’s Oceans Hold Great Medical Promise
19c: Scientists Say World’s Oceans Hold Great Medical Promise
20: German Producer of Thalidomide Apologizes
21a: New Tests Rapidly Identify Counterfeit Medications
21b: New Tests Rapidly Identify Counterfeit Medications
22a: Lack of Activity Remains a Leading Global Cause of Death
22b: Lack of Activity Remains a Leading Global Cause of Death
23: New Test Could Diagnose a Heart Attack in 1 Hour
24a: Urgent Treatment Needed For Malnourished Children In Sahel
24b: Critical need for aid
24c: Acute malnourished
24d: Vital operations
25: Museveni Urges Ugandans to Limit Contact After Ebola Outbreak
26a: Foods that can save your heart
26b: Black beans
26c: Red wine and resveratrol
26d: Salmon: Super food
27a: Is It Safe to Get Vaccinations During Pregnancy?
27b: Which Vaccines Can I Receive While I’m Pregnant?
27d: Can a Vaccine Harm My Unborn Baby?
27d: Which Vaccines Should Pregnant Women Avoid?
27e: What Side Effects Can I Expect After a Vaccination?
28a: 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Dreams
28b: The most common dream? Your spouse is cheating.
28c: You can have several – even a dozen – dreams in one night.
28d: You can linger in a dream after waking.
28e: Even bizarre dreams can be interpreted.
28f: Recurring dreams may be your mind’s way of telling you something.
28g: You can control your dreams.
28h: You don’t have to be asleep to dream.
29: Babies Start Learning Language While In The Womb
30a: Fear or Phobia? – How to Tell the Difference
30b: Phobic Response
30c: Fear vs. Phobia
30d: Getting Help
31a: Osteoporosis
31b: Symptoms of osteoporosis
31b: Symptoms of osteoporosis
31c: Osteoporosis and fractures
31d: What causes osteoporosis?
31e: Does everyone get osteoporosis?
31f: Risk factors you can’t control
31g: Risk factors you can control
31h: Do men get osteoporosis?
31i: Testing: DXA bone density scan
31j: Testing: What your T-score means
31k: Treatment: Bone-boosting drugs
31l: Treatment: Hormones
31m: Treatment: Estrogen agents
31n: Treatment: A biologic alternative
31o: Bone-building foods
31p: Foods that are bad to the bone
31q: Which foods have the most calcium?
31r: Supplements for healthy bones
31s: Build strong bones with weight
31u: Exercise caution
31w: Osteopenia: Borderline bone loss
31x: Can osteoporosis be reversed?
31y: Build bones in your youth
31z: Preventing falls: The basics
32a: Eye allergies
32b: Eye allergy symptoms
32c: Why allergies make eyes red
32d: Don’t rub your eyes
32e: Eye allergy cover up tips
32f: Eye allergy triggers: Pollen
32g: Indoor eye allergens: Pet dander
32h: Mop away allergens
32i: Eye allergies and mold
32j: Treating eye allergies
32k: Eye allergy drops
32l: Oral medicines for eye allergies
32m: Other kinds of eye drops
32n: Can allergy shots help?
32o: Ending eye allergies
33b: Astraphobia in Children
33c: Treatment of Astraphobia
34a: Ablutophobia – Fear of Bathing
34b: Complications of Ablutophobia
34c: Treating Ablutophobia
35a: Scarlet fever
35b: Symptoms of scarlet fever
35c: Preventing scarlet fever
35d: Treating scarlet fever
35e: Caring for a child with scarlet fever
35f: When to call the doctor
36: Aspirin Use Tied to Rare Eye Disorder
37a: Brain cancer treatment
37b: Brain cancer treatment overview
37c: Brain cancer surgery
37d: Radiation therapy for brain cancer
37e: Chemotherapy for brain cancer
37f: New brain cancer treatments
37g: Follow-up
37h: Brain cancer survival rate
37i: Support groups and counseling
37j: Brain cancer clinical trials
38a: Food allergy triggers
38b: Milk and dairy foods
38c: Eggs
38d: Shellfish
38f: Finned fish
38g: Soy
38h: Wheat
38i: Contrast: Gluten intolerance
38j: How a food allergy begins
38k: Food allergy symptoms
38l: Anaphylaxis: Severe reaction
38m: Myth: Food allergy is predictable
38n: Contrast: Food intolerance
38o: Contrast: Food additives
38p: Variant: Oral allergy syndrome
38q: Exercise-induced food allergy
38r: Elimination diet
38s: Allergy testing
38t: Outgrowing allergies
38u: Living with food allergies
39a: Doomsday Phobias – Fear of the End of the World
39b: Technology Phobias
39c: Religious Phobias
39d: Doomsday Phobias in Popular Culture
39e: Doomsday Phobia or Mass Hysteria?
39f: Treating Doomsday Phobia
40a: Hemophilia
40b: About hemophilia
40c: Signs and symptoms
40d: Diagnosis
40d: Treatment
40f: Preventing problems
40g: Your child’s needs
40h: Caring for kids with hemophilia
40i: When to call the doctor
40j: Looking to the future
41a: Stroke
41b: There are two main types of strokes:
41c: What happens during a stroke?
41d: How does a person get better?
41e: If someone you love has a stroke
41f: Preventing strokes
42a: Earbuds
42b: How Does Noise Cause Hearing Loss?
42c: What to Do
42d: Using Earbuds the Right Way
42e: Are There Other Options?
43a: Emergency Contraception
43b: How Does It Work?
43c: How Well Does It Work?
43d: Protection Against STDs
43e: Possible Side Effects
43f: Who Uses It?
43g: How Do You Get It?
43h: How Much Does It Cost?
44a: Sepsis
44b: About sepsis
44c: Causes of sepsis
44d: Diagnosing and treating sepsis
44e: Preventing sepsis
44f: When to call the doctor
45a: Keeping Your Cool in the Cold and Snow
45b: Winter Travel
45c: Winter Emergencies
45d: Beating the Winter Woes
45e: Chilling Out Indoors
46a: Poison Ivy
46a: Should I See a Doctor?
46b: Can I Prevent It?
47a: Causes of fatigue and sleepiness and how to fight them
47b: Fatigue cause No. 2: Sleep apnea
47c: Fatigue cause No. 3: Not enough fuel
47d: Fatigue cause No. 4: Anemia
47e: Fatigue cause No. 5: Depression
47f: Fatigue cause No. 6: Hypothyroidism
47g: Fatigue cause No. 7: Caffeine overload
47h: Fatigue cause No. 8: Hidden UTI
47i: Fatigue cause No. 9: Diabetes
47j: Fatigue cause No. 10: Dehydration
47k: Fatigue cause No. 11: Heart disease
47l: Fatigue cause No. 12: Shift work sleep disorder
47m: Fatigue cause No. 13: Food allergies
47n: Fatigue cause No. 14: CFS and fibromyalgia
47o: Fast fix for mild fatigue
48a: Emotional Eating
48b: What Is Emotional Eating?
48c: “Comfort” Foods
48d: Physical Hunger vs. Emotional Hunger
48e: Questions to Ask Yourself
48f: Breaking the Cycle
48g: Tips to Try
48h: Getting Help
49a: Common adult skin problems
49b: Shingles (herpes zoster)
49c: Hives (urticaria)
49d: Psoriasis
49e: Eczema
49f: Rosacea
49g: Cold sores (fever blisters)
49h: Rash from plants
49i: Rash from plants
49j: Razor bumps
49k: Skin tags
49l: Acne
49m: Athlete’s foot
49n: Moles
49o: Age or liver spots
49p: Pityriasis rosea
49q: Melasma (‘pregnancy mask’)
49r: Warts
49s: Seborrheic keratoses
50a: 12 Tips to avoid diabetes complications
50b: Lose weight if you need to
50c: Get enough sleep
50d: Be active: Exercise and diabetes
50e: Monitor your blood sugar daily
50f: Manage stress
50g: Say no to salt
50h: Heart disease risk and diabetes
50i: Take care of bumps and bruises
50j: Break your smoking habit
50k: Pick super foods
50l: Set up doctor visits

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